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(Not so) Wordless Wednesday


I can’t believe a whole week has gone by since my last post. I apologize for that. I have been busy though. I am working on items for a craft fair in November as well as trying to get Cheryl Navalinsky Photography up and running. I have been so energized as a delve back into the photo world. I am remembering why I had loved it so much to begin with. I am freezing memories for people. pausing moments that they can hold for a lifetime (or two, or three).

I am lying in bed at night with ideas bouncing around. I need to get up and write them down before I can go to sleep. They are ideas for posing. Ideas for locations. Ideas for props. Then it starts to feed into my craft life. I have ideas for new projects. Techniques I would like to try. Gift ideas.

I feel refreshed in my creative life. I am being inspired. I am excited. I could do this for a living. Not sure why I had put photography back on the shelf for so long but it’s come out now and, with some dusting off,  I am determined to make it work.

In the meantime I hope you will enjoy my Wordless Wednesday post.


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New Web Site


SO I finally did it. I created a website. It’s not for my craft stuff but that one is coming. It is for my photo stuff. Hopefully it will generate a bit of business my way. I would love for you to take a peak at it and tell me what you think.

You can find it by clicking here —> Cheryl Navalinsky Photography

Hope you like it.

Reunited With a Past Love


Put the phone down. You don’t have to call Dave. He knows.

I’ve recently decided that, along with my artsy craftsy stuff, I am going to attempt to jump back into photography. Anyone who has known me for more than about an hour has seen me with my camera in my hand. I received my first camera for Christmas when I was maybe 7 from my Grampy. When most kids dreamed about being veterinarians or firemen I was  pretending that I was a photographer for Life or National Geographic or, later, Thrasher. I went into video production because it was the closest thing to a photo degree my community college (where I could go for free) offered. I later transferred to Ohio State to major in photography.

I was NOT ready for college. They say Ohio State is a party school but I don’t remember much about the school part. Don’t get me wrong… I had a great time. I loved my time there but I didn’t put as much effort into my classes as I should have.

I now look at some of my friends who have gone on and done AMAZING things with their photography and I am jealous. I kick myself and ask… Why aren’t I doing that. Just look at who they are and what they are doing and you will see why.

Click here for Rachel Papo who has won various awards and done pieces for a variety of New York newspapers.


Click here for Amy Haskell who works around Tucson doing portrait work as well as product shots and interior photos.

I can’t begin to list all of the amazing photographers I have met through the years. one of the reasons I didn’t get back into photography in Texas after I got DSLR was that I knew so many people already who were already pretty well established. The competition was tough. It’s tough here as well but, since I am in a new place, why not work on a new me and really concentrate on filling my life with art and photography and hopefully by doing what I love in my own way I will be able to make a living at it.

My next step is to build back up that portfolio. I tend to focus on kiddos. I like natural shots of kids having fun with their families and friends. I like for kids to be goofy. I’m not above taking a picture of the kid pouting in the corner. I like the tender moments too. Right now I have 2 families lined up to let me do their photos at a very discounted rate. I’m excited to work with them because they both have cute kids who have a lot of spunk and personality.

Here is a slide show of some of the photos I’ve done in the past that will have to serve as somewhat of a portfolio for the time being. Let me know what you think.

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My Favorite Photographers


I promised more lists so here’s another… In no particular order:

1) Diane Arbus

She did some amazing thing in her short life. Her subjects weren’t always ‘pretty’ or comfortable to look at but she certainly made a huge impact. Click on the picture above to read more about her at Wikipedia.

2) Weegee

I think his works speak for themselves.


3) William Wegman

What can I say? I”m a sucker for the weimaraners.


4) Annie Liebowitz

She shoots the way I wish I could shoot.


5) Amy Haskell

So I’m biased on this one. Amy is a good friend who lives in Tucson and does phenomenal stuff. Click on the image above to go to her website. She has some wonderful images on there.


Well that’s 5 but there are a ton more so I will probably have another list later. Hope you see something you like here.