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The Phrase of the Day is WADDING POLISH


Wadding Polish? What the heck, right? It is my new must try product. I heard about this on a tutorial video done by mixed-media collage artist Katie Kendrick. She was using it to remove the ink off of magazine pages for unique background collage effects. It did such cool things. I NEED to try it!

I was out and about when I decided to look for it at Michael’s. Of course, since my brain is ever only slightly working, I could only remember that it was called wadding ‘SOMETHING’ and that it appeared to be in a small container that resembled a gesso tub. No luck.

Finally I went back on-line and did a search. NOTHING even close. The little light finally went on in my brain~ ‘Watch the video again’ the little keeper of that light yelled. I did. I found out that Ms. Kendrick was working with a product called Nevr-DUll Wadding Polish.

Nevr-Dull is a metal polish used on cars. My next move is to visit every automotive section in the area until I find it or something similar. I’m soooo… excited. For now I’m playing with rubbing alcohol and magazine pages which I also found out about in this tutorial which you can find HERE.

I will let you kow what I find and how it ends up working out.

What unexpected product have you found to work with in your projects?