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52 Weeks of Mail


Last year I came across a Facebook group called 52 Weeks of Mail. I signed up and… well… never sent any mail! I have signed up again this year. I really intend on sending out some mail. May not send it EVERY week but maybe I will send a couple pieces one week to make up for the weeks I fail.

As part of this I signed up for something else I found called Postcrossing. You sign up and create a profile and start signing up to send out postcards to an international list of members. I’m hoping to get some cool postcards and mail art. Seems like a cool idea. I will let you know if it works.

If you think this would be fun I encourage you to sign up. If you want to share your address here and maybe get some mail from other readers feel free.

My address is Cheryl 1120 Orchard Oriole Ln., Durham, NC 27713

I would LOVE some original mail art pieces or cool postcards from your neck of the woods. Send me something and I will try to return the favor.

Happy Pen-palling!