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A Halloween Treasury


I have been a wee bit busy lately so I have neglected you. Sorry about that. Today’s post is short but I hope you will dig it. It is a recent collection I made on ETSY. If you like what you see just click the image and it should take you right to the Etsy site. Hope you enjoy. I also think that the Wonder Woman Costume must have sold…

‘This is Halloween…’ by FunkyFeisty

One of my favorite times of the year. I hope you will visit the shops of some of these wonderfully creative people.

Wonder Woman Halloween …


EPATTERN Primitive Folk…


Large Silicone Prosthet…


Dia De Los Muertos Pary…


Halloween Belt Buckle -…


Blood Drip Red Vinyl Na…


Zombie Boogers Hallowee…


Crochet Frankenstein Ha…


Day of the Dead Skeleto…


Halloween Bat Ornament …


Zombie Bear pattern – P…


Halloween Soap – BIG To…


Pink Monster Scrabble T…


Alexander Henry GHASTLI…


Soc Creature-Canistota


Ouija Board brass cuff …


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

Mulling It Over


I have been scratching my head trying to figure out what I would like to include in my blog. I want people to come back and I want you to be INTERESTED. My ramblings are not going to be enough for that. Well, not all the time. I can be quite entertaining at times. 😀

My thoughts are that I will probably do Wordless Wednesday because it is AWESOME. If you have never checked it out you should. All sorts of fun stuff. Just click HERE to see what I mean.

I also think I will be sending out a brief questionnaire to artists that I really admire so I can show them off. I mean, how do you know how cool I am if you don’t know how cool the company I keep is? If you are an artist and would like to appear here just send an email to funkyfesity@yahoo.com with a link to your stuff. Obviously those I have known and loved forever will get first dibs but I am always open to new artists.

I will also chat a bit about BOTH Etsy817 and my new group 919 Creates. Etsy817 has some wonderful artists that I will be sharing with you. As for 919 Creates, I hope you will be interested in how we start this group from the ground up or even if it ever DOES get off the ground.

Of course, I will also share what I’m doing, what I’m reading, what’s bugging me, upcoming shows, things I find on Funky Finds (which is also very cool and you should check out by clicking HERE), awesomeness from Pinterest and Etsy… Wow, I should have plenty to write about.

If there’s anything I missed that you would like to read about let me know and I will see what I can come up with. As always your comments, opinions and ideas are what keep me going so don’t forget to let me know you’re reading!

How do YOU use Social Media for Your Business?


Social Media is pretty much just what it sounds like. It refers to technologies that allow interaction between people. Facebook is probably the most well known type of social media. If you want to know more about what it is you can CLICK HERE to head to the Wikipedia entry about it.

I know that it is supposed to be very helpful in promoting your business. Currently I have two things that I am trying to promote; My craft business- Funky & Feisty Home Decor and More as well as my new Photography Business- Cheryl Navalinsky Photography.

This blog is one way I use social media to try to get my self out there. I do get some traffic and my Site Stats page shows me that you do click on my links occasionally.

I also use Facebook for both businesses. If you are interested you can find my Facebook Page for Funky & Feisty home Decor and More by clicking on my business name. Or for Cheryl Navalinsky Photography by doing the same. When you like people’s businesses on Facebook you get updates and info about them and their products.

Then there is etsy. I LOVE etsy but, truth be told, I don’t sell much on there. I’ve used it more as a networking tool. I have met some amazing artists on etsy. I also belong to a few etsy groups. This helps me to get the word out there through other artists. It has also opened up the door for me to do some craft shows. My etsy page is here >Click<. etsy817  is here >Click<.  NC Triangle Street Team on etsy is here >Click<.  And Acorn to Oak handmade is here >Click<

My newest journey is into PINTEREST. Using Pinterest you can ‘PIN‘ things to ‘Boards’ and share them with others. It’s like your own on-line bulletin board. You can check it out by clicking right HERE. It’s pretty neat.

I have NOT ventured into Twitter yet but I’ve heard how much others have liked it. What about you? Do you Tweet? Is it effective?

The beauty with all of this things is that ANYONE can use them. They are fun and interactive. Of course they are more fun when others interact WITH you. Was that a subtle enough hint?

How have you yourself used social media and has it worked for you?

Clyde’s Very Own Etsy Treasury!


‘Created by 6.5 year-old Clyde’ by FunkyFeisty

Sat down with my son and these were some things that he came up with as some of his favorite items!

Wedding Cake Topper Kawaii R…


Carrot Monster


Green Monster hooded Bath to…


chalkboard skull in jet blac…


Limited Edition American Bis…


Tiny Wookiee Cufflinks


Wicked Bob Polymer Clay Broo…


Sulley, Monsters Inc. Munny


oeufling: essie


Cute mini Monster dolls. Min…


KING KONG Handmade Wood Figu…


Super Hero Embroidery Design…


Godzilla Kitty and Tokyo Tow…


Steampunk Rabbit Scientist A…


Steampunk art doll OOAK soft


Universal Monsters horror cl…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

SO I let Clyde create this and he ended up with more hits on this in one day than any of mine have generated in the first week! Hope you enjoy and remember… You can click on each of the images above to be taken to the Etsy posting.

Cute & Quirky Etsy Treasury


‘Cute & Quirky’ by FunkyFeisty

I love things that are a little off kilter. Here are some of my cute AND quirky favorites. Hope you enjoy!

Let Smiles Be Your Umbrella …


cute Girl Baby Doll


Painted wood rocking horse


Superb Snowhite szofita ring


Fine Art Print – Escape to S…


Sugar Skull Compostition Boo…


BAM comic embroidered headba…


6×8 Flat canvas Beeswax Folk…


D and D Rosary – Even Gamers…


Mustache Necklace With Pink,…


susy homemaker- original col…


Comfort 8 X 8 Inch Print of …


Cutie Spider Fused Glass Pen…


Halloween Bat Gift Tags Vint…


First Date….an 8×10 print


Calavera Necklace, with Hear…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Lucky Me!!!!!


OK so I am a sucker for a give away. I watch posts and will comment or suggest friends if it will give me a chance to win something. Especially something artsy and handmade. Recently I was the lucky winner of a Longoria Girls contest.

I won a way cool Sugar Skull Composition Notebook.


I opened it with an audience. My kids could hardly wait. My soon to be 7 year old gave me the puppy dog eyes and told me that he felt jealous. I didn’t fall for it. I was not giving up my notebook. No matter HOW cute and pathetic the kid. I love it. You should check out their shop and see some of the other designs that they have. They have a ton of other cool stuff as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for the awesome prize Stephanie! I am going to put it to good use.

Under Construction

Under Construction

If, like me, you grew up in the mid-west this title may conjure up memories of summers waiting in traffic jams or praying you didn’t run into the orange barrels OR the cement wall that ran on either side of you all through the warmer months on the highways. Welp, this summer I have also been Under Construction. A lot of things have been changing.

First: We packed up the family and, moved from Arlington, TX to Durham, NC.  It’s a good thing. My husband applied for a job at UNC that he just couldn’t ignore and, no real surprise to me, he got it. I loved Arlington and all my friends. My crafty self is seriously going to miss my friends at Etsy 817 and all that they have going on this year.

And B) I’m trying to change up my branding a bit. I’ve always been all over the place. I did what I thought was fun. Put together papers that I loved and created my decoupage items. I didn’t really have a ‘look’ I could claim as mine.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m trying to change that. It’s in the works and I will be sharing a lot more soon. Here is a sneak peek:

In order to facilitate my new crafty-self I have joined a new Etsy group, NC Street Team on Etsy.com. I have also applied for a local craft show that I was invited to The Howliday Shop 2011. I will keep you posted as to my status with that one.

I really am excited about all these changes and I hope to meet some more crafty friends here in the area… Although my etsy817 buds have set the bar pretty high… I hope you will stick with me as I try to figure all this out in a brand new place. I will be reviewing local craft stores, craft shows and artists. I will also be checking in with etsy817 from time to time as they prepare for their first big show Handmade Holidays. And yes… I am VERY jealous that I’m going to miss that one.

It’s good to be back. Stay tuned!