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Crafty Superstar: Book Review


I work for a bookstore so I get to see all of the groovy art and craft books that come in. Some look really great on the first flip through but then once I purchase them and get them home it’s not nearly as relevant as I had hoped.

Then there are books like:


This book is a real inspiration for me.  My Southwest Meets Midwest crafting BFF, Lauren Lowell of Loved Again, and I used this this past summer when we did our first Farmer’s Market in Downtown Bloomington, IL. You will get to see more about that when I get my ‘ABOUT’ page finished.

The blurb on the back of the book reads “If the church-basement sale isn’t quite your scene, Crafty Superstar is your go-to resource for selling your crafty goods part-time. Packed with ideas for setting up and selling out, the book includes loads of advice from experts like Faythe Levine, Jenny Harada and Jenny Hart.”

The book contains check lists & questionnaires such as: ‘What Drives Your Craft?” , “Quiz: What Kind of Crafter are You?” (I am a DIY Butterfly) , and my favorite “Day-of-Show Checklist”. That last one has come in handy on more than one occasion.  Grace Dobush also shares secrets for selling on Etsy and at craft shows. She helps sort out what is considered ‘Indie’. You will find all sorts of worksheets and spreadsheets to help keep you organized. Organization is soooo not my strong point so everything helps!

In this book you can also find out how to set up your OWN craft show. Lauren and I actually did that this past summer. I will fill you in on how that went in a later post but very soon.  Stuck on how to display your items? It’s in there.

I want to go over every section in this book but then there would be nothing left for you to read. I will tell you though that the language is easy to follow and nothing, not even her price calculator template, made my head hurt and just about ANYTHING dealing with numbers makes my head hurt.

I love this book and hope you will at least pick it up and flip through it. I think you will find that it may be perfect for you or a friend. Let me know what you think.

Do you have a favorite crafting book? What is it? I’d love to know. I’m always on the look out.

You can also find Crafty Superstar on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Crafty-Superstar/164380741405


I’m New Here


Hello world! I am a craft-aholic. I love to make things and search out cool things that other people make. I know what I like even if it sometimes seems to have no rhyme nor reason. I have recently started a business called:

Funky & Feisty Home Decor and More.

My goal is to make some money and to put smiles on people’s faces. There is definitely a learning curve. With every thing I make, every show I do, every show I attend, book or magazine I read, artist I meet, You get the picture, I learn something new.

Recently I opened an etsy shop and applied for membership in a local etsy group. I didn’t get in. It really stung at first; especially when the two women I talked into signing up got in.  Here are their etsy shops: www.fluffygirlboutique.etsy.com and darcylucilly.etsy.com .   As you can see both of these ladies are very skilled and talented. They have a certain polish to them that I hope to gain. I am working towards that.

This blog is going to be about my trials and errors in the craft world. I will share with you the ups and downs. I will also share with you book and magazine reviews, favorite artists, shows I am in or attending, favorite websites and e-shops. I also hope that you will share with me your hints, tips, joys and frustrations.

My guess is that you will also see changes in this blog as I go along and learn a bit more about wordpress. My first order of business is to figure out how to customize it a bit more but for now the hubby has taken the kids for a couple of hours and I have some special orders to make.

Here are some pictures of things I do…

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