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Bull City Crafts


SO now that I am getting settled I figured I should start checking out the local craft scene.  I happened upon a little shop called Bull City Crafts Arts Boutique & Craft Lounge while on-line. It’s pretty unassuming on the outside but the inside is open and bright.  The back half of the shop is a room with tables and even a couch to take part in your own crafty endeavors.

I took Claudia, who is 3 1/2 there today for their 11am Preschool Playcraft. It was $5 and perfect for the younger set. It was low key and free-wheeling. Jessica, the owner, spread out paper on a table and squirted globs of paint on it so the kiddos could finger paint and, yes, she provides aprons! She also put out play dough and had a table with little blank books, markers, kid-sized crayons and colored pencils. There was no pressure. The kids went from one thing to the next at their pace… which was often times quite speedy!

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They also offer a Playcraft 2.0 for kids 6 and up. That one is also $5.  Another offering is the BYOB series. It’s a workshop for adults. You provide your own beverage and, for $12 Bull City Crafts provides light snacks and a project. I can’t wait to try that one out. There are more offerings available. You can click HERE for their calendar.

I am excited to have found Bull City Crafts and can’t wait to get in there and utilize more of what they have to offer. If you’re ever in Bull City (that’s Durham for those of you not in the loop) stop by and say hi! 2501 University Dr., Durham, NC