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Lucky Me!!!!!


OK so I am a sucker for a give away. I watch posts and will comment or suggest friends if it will give me a chance to win something. Especially something artsy and handmade. Recently I was the lucky winner of a Longoria Girls contest.

I won a way cool Sugar Skull Composition Notebook.


I opened it with an audience. My kids could hardly wait. My soon to be 7 year old gave me the puppy dog eyes and told me that he felt jealous. I didn’t fall for it. I was not giving up my notebook. No matter HOW cute and pathetic the kid. I love it. You should check out their shop and see some of the other designs that they have. They have a ton of other cool stuff as well.

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Thanks for the awesome prize Stephanie! I am going to put it to good use.


Bull City Crafts


SO now that I am getting settled I figured I should start checking out the local craft scene.  I happened upon a little shop called Bull City Crafts Arts Boutique & Craft Lounge while on-line. It’s pretty unassuming on the outside but the inside is open and bright.  The back half of the shop is a room with tables and even a couch to take part in your own crafty endeavors.

I took Claudia, who is 3 1/2 there today for their 11am Preschool Playcraft. It was $5 and perfect for the younger set. It was low key and free-wheeling. Jessica, the owner, spread out paper on a table and squirted globs of paint on it so the kiddos could finger paint and, yes, she provides aprons! She also put out play dough and had a table with little blank books, markers, kid-sized crayons and colored pencils. There was no pressure. The kids went from one thing to the next at their pace… which was often times quite speedy!

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They also offer a Playcraft 2.0 for kids 6 and up. That one is also $5.  Another offering is the BYOB series. It’s a workshop for adults. You provide your own beverage and, for $12 Bull City Crafts provides light snacks and a project. I can’t wait to try that one out. There are more offerings available. You can click HERE for their calendar.

I am excited to have found Bull City Crafts and can’t wait to get in there and utilize more of what they have to offer. If you’re ever in Bull City (that’s Durham for those of you not in the loop) stop by and say hi! 2501 University Dr., Durham, NC


Under Construction

Under Construction

If, like me, you grew up in the mid-west this title may conjure up memories of summers waiting in traffic jams or praying you didn’t run into the orange barrels OR the cement wall that ran on either side of you all through the warmer months on the highways. Welp, this summer I have also been Under Construction. A lot of things have been changing.

First: We packed up the family and, moved from Arlington, TX to Durham, NC.  It’s a good thing. My husband applied for a job at UNC that he just couldn’t ignore and, no real surprise to me, he got it. I loved Arlington and all my friends. My crafty self is seriously going to miss my friends at Etsy 817 and all that they have going on this year.

And B) I’m trying to change up my branding a bit. I’ve always been all over the place. I did what I thought was fun. Put together papers that I loved and created my decoupage items. I didn’t really have a ‘look’ I could claim as mine.

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I’m trying to change that. It’s in the works and I will be sharing a lot more soon. Here is a sneak peek:

In order to facilitate my new crafty-self I have joined a new Etsy group, NC Street Team on I have also applied for a local craft show that I was invited to The Howliday Shop 2011. I will keep you posted as to my status with that one.

I really am excited about all these changes and I hope to meet some more crafty friends here in the area… Although my etsy817 buds have set the bar pretty high… I hope you will stick with me as I try to figure all this out in a brand new place. I will be reviewing local craft stores, craft shows and artists. I will also be checking in with etsy817 from time to time as they prepare for their first big show Handmade Holidays. And yes… I am VERY jealous that I’m going to miss that one.

It’s good to be back. Stay tuned!