Some Blogs That I Hope Inspire Us Both


I’ve been gone a while. Did ya miss me? Truthfully I was starting to feel a bit bored with my blogging. I was in a rut. I haven’t had this one for long but I did have 1 Crafty Mom and 2 Ornery Kids over at Blogspot for quite a while. I had hoped that a whole new blog with an actual focus would help me feel more centered. I was VERY excited to find out that I had won an on-line blog workshop from Sunday Afternoon Housewife. I really think that this may be the extra oomph I need. We could both learn a lot through this.

My first assignment is to check out THREE craft blogs and critique them. I LOVE craft blogs so this was a lot of fun. Now I just had to find 3 I haven’t looked at before.

First I found Creativityismessy’s Blog. I liked it right away. She had just started a new feature called Four Fabulous Friday Finds.  Tera, the blogger, chose four items from etsy that she loves. She included pictures and links. I love her Avatar as well. Very cute. Her pictures are clear and professional looking. She was also having a give-away that I missed entry on by 4 days. I liked this one so much I subscribed. You can also check out her etsy shop at  She has a ton of cute stuff.

Next I traveled over to Naughty Secretary Club. What a fun site. She had some great ideas, featured a bunch of items from other authors and comes across as some one I could hang out with. She had banners for posted everywhere so I had to check it out. Was excited to see ‘The Crafty Chica’ on there. I adore her stuff.

From her blog I found one entitled Sounded cool so I headed over. There was a lot to like about this blog. Great pictures. Cool featured items. Cute stuff to buy. Nifty fonts. Yet,it kinda made me feel out of the loop. It was almost too busy for me. I felt like I should be really enamored with it but I’m missing something. It is intriguing enough that I will explore it further. I’ll let ya know if I ever figure out the punch line. I encourage you to head over though. Just because it’s not for me doesn’t mean you won’t like it.

I guess what I’ve learned from these is that I like pictures… and yet, strangely enough there are none so far in this post… I like it when people write in a way that makes me feel like they are talking directly to me and I like when it seems like I’ve found the ‘cool kids’. The folks that seem to be looking for new things all the time.  I’m excited to start taking on a a fresher look.

I love to get comments and suggestions. Feel free to help me out here. Let me know what is working and what isn’t.  Thanks!


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