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My Favorite Photographers


I promised more lists so here’s another… In no particular order:

1) Diane Arbus

She did some amazing thing in her short life. Her subjects weren’t always ‘pretty’ or comfortable to look at but she certainly made a huge impact. Click on the picture above to read more about her at Wikipedia.

2) Weegee

I think his works speak for themselves.


3) William Wegman

What can I say? I”m a sucker for the weimaraners.


4) Annie Liebowitz

She shoots the way I wish I could shoot.


5) Amy Haskell

So I’m biased on this one. Amy is a good friend who lives in Tucson and does phenomenal stuff. Click on the image above to go to her website. She has some wonderful images on there.


Well that’s 5 but there are a ton more so I will probably have another list later. Hope you see something you like here.


ABOUT: FunkyFeisty and Me, Cheryl Navalinsky


You may be wondering who I am and how I got involved in this blog… Even if you aren’t, I’m going to tell you.

I started blogging a couple of years ago at 1 Crafty Mom and 2 Ornery Kids. It was about a little bit of everything. I found I was scattered so I decided to focus which is something that’s not easy for me when there are bright shiny objects around. That’s where FunkyFeisty comes from.

The name comes from my crafting business Funky & Feisty Home Decor and More. I like to play with glue and paper and found objects to create things for people’s homes. I do a lot of custom work and gift items.

Back to the blog: FunkyFeisty is my way of sharing the things I love about the arts and crafts world. I will share book reviews, artist information, how-tos, tips, show updates and reviews and a lot of stuff about my Etsy Team, Etsy817. I will also share some of my work. There will be more. It’s a work in progress. I’m discovering new things to cover all the time.

As for me: I am a mid-western girl living in Arlington, Texas. I am married and have two young kids. I have one that is still at home so I spend my days with her. I do work part-time for a major bookstore. My crafting business grew out of not only my love of creating but out of my cheapness and the need to come up with kids’ birthday presents week after week. I started with cute personalized picture frames for everyone. The next year I couldn’t give picture frames any more so I moved on to treasure boxes re-purposed from old cigar boxes.

As I mentioned I am a member of Etsy817. I am also a vendor at the Downtown Bloomington Farmer’s Market in IL. That’s a summer gig. I share a space with the very talented Lauren Lowell of loved again…. Coming up I hope to become a regular vendor at the Downtown Arlington Farmer’s Market here in Texas.

I love to do the face to face stuff and am working on doing better with my on-line shop. If there is anything else you want to know please don’t hesitate to ask. I also would love your comments and feedback on my posts.

If you like what you see don’t hesitate to tell your friends. Thanks!

Monday is ETSY817 Day: Getting Ready For Our First Group Show


So on Saturday, April 9 from 8am to 1pm you will be able to find Etsy817 members displaying their wares at the Downtown Arlington Farmer’s Market. I know that there are those of you who live in Arlington, Texas saying ‘We have a Farmer’s Market?’. Yep.  It’s located at 215 E. Front St. between N. Mesquite and N. Elm. it’s near the tracks.

We are still accepting vendors. You don’t have to be a member of Etsy817 to participate BUT your items do need to be handmade.

So far these are a few of the vendors slated to be there:

Clover Hollow

Primal Aspects


Destination Design


White House of Design


Larkspur Studios


And ME!

Funky & Feisty Home Decor and More


I really hope that I will see some of you there. Over the next few weeks I will keep you updated as to who will be there and what you can expect. I am planning on being there as a regular vendor beginning the last week of March. Stop by and say hi!

Remember: Buy Handmade and Buy Local!

* Did I mention that there is a booth there that sells these AMAZINGLY SCRUMPTIOUS Whoopie Pies? If that doesn’t peak your interest I don’t know what will!




My Top Five Favorite Mixed-Media Artists


When I am in need of inspiration… which happens A LOT… there are certain artists that I turn to to get the spark going. Here are five of them that work with mixed media. Watch for other lists such as ‘Favorite Photographers’, ‘Favorite Craft Books’, ‘Favorite Etsy Sites’ and ‘Favorite DIY Websites’ to come on future Fridays… Look at that I just planned out my next Month of Fridays.

Here is today’s list… Drum roll please…

My Top Five Favorite Mixed-Media Artists

1) Claudine Hellmuth

I absolutely love her stuff. It’s so simple and yet, ingenious. I first came across her when I found a book called “Collage Discovery Workshop”. It was so inspiring and fun I had to check out the author. I was smitten to say the least. Here’s one of the reasons why:


2) Kathy Cano-Murrillo aka ‘The Crafty Chica’

Her work is so much fun. I lived in Tucson for three years and maybe it brings back fond memories of that. I don’t know… She does a little bit of everything and this stuff rally speaks to me. Here’s one item I really love:


3) Katie Kendrick

I wish i could explain WHY I like her stuff so much… I’m just drawn to it. It doesn’t hurt that I recently saw a REALLY cool tutorial on how to make a collage background that she made on her blog.


4) Michael de Meng

Michael de Meng’s art is soooo… cool. He’s an assemblage artist. His pieces are dark and beautiful. To be quite honest it sort of takes me back to high school and college when I was listening to Ministry and Skinny Puppy.  You can view his website HERE. He has a section called Haberdashery which is amazing.


5) Sarah Fishburn

The work of Sarah Fishburn is bright, busy and appealing. I think each piece tells its own story and that story changes for each viewer. I would love to have her aesthetic. I also like her sense of humor. You will have to check out her website (just click on Sarah’s photo). You can find her blog HERE.


Here’s hoping you’ve found something new here that has gotten those creative juices flowing. Who do you turn to for inspiration? Who are your favorite Mixed-Media artists?


The Phrase of the Day is WADDING POLISH


Wadding Polish? What the heck, right? It is my new must try product. I heard about this on a tutorial video done by mixed-media collage artist Katie Kendrick. She was using it to remove the ink off of magazine pages for unique background collage effects. It did such cool things. I NEED to try it!

I was out and about when I decided to look for it at Michael’s. Of course, since my brain is ever only slightly working, I could only remember that it was called wadding ‘SOMETHING’ and that it appeared to be in a small container that resembled a gesso tub. No luck.

Finally I went back on-line and did a search. NOTHING even close. The little light finally went on in my brain~ ‘Watch the video again’ the little keeper of that light yelled. I did. I found out that Ms. Kendrick was working with a product called Nevr-DUll Wadding Polish.

Nevr-Dull is a metal polish used on cars. My next move is to visit every automotive section in the area until I find it or something similar. I’m soooo… excited. For now I’m playing with rubbing alcohol and magazine pages which I also found out about in this tutorial which you can find HERE.

I will let you kow what I find and how it ends up working out.

What unexpected product have you found to work with in your projects?

Some of MY Crafty Offerings


I thought that you may be a bit curious about what I create. Welp, I have created two living, breathing, (mostly) human children

But I’ve also created this stuff :


This is just a sampling of what I do. Most items are custom made. Everything is one of a kind. If you like what you see or think some one you know might PLEASE pass on my info!

I can be contacted through here or at

My etsy store is .  I would love to know what you think and what you think you would like to see.

You will be finding out more about me as we go along. I am very open to comments and suggestions. I will also be working on my ‘ABOUT’ page… I promise.