Crafty Christmas Wish List


Dear Santa,

I have tried very hard to be good this year. I do think that I have had at least some success with this… No need to check in with my husband, I’m sure he would just agree with you and then you would have wasted some valuable toy making time. Speaking of toy making, I believe we may be kindred spirits. I love to make things to! It must be nice to have such a spacious workshop and all that cheap labor to help you out. I do my create my labors of love at the dining room table. I am a bit cramped for space. I suppose it would be a bit much to ask for an addition to the house for Christmas but maybe you could see it in your heart to bring some sort of organizational storage unit for me. This would be nice —->

My guess is that you can whip one of these up at a fraction of the cost.



Once I have the storage I will want to do so much creating I will need a guide book.  I have found one that I think might work:

Of course a subscription to Somerset Studio Magazine would also be a lot of fun to have.

It’s full of a ton of fun things and great inspirations.

I would also appreciate if you could magically create some free time in my day as well. Just an hour or so with no one needing me for anything. No dinner to cook, no toys to make ‘talk’, no fights to break up…

I really don’t think I’m asking for much. I have more but those can wait for the Easter Bunny. I better get this off to you so you have time to fill your sleigh. Hope you and the Mrs. are doing well. And thanks in advance!



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