I’m New Here


Hello world! I am a craft-aholic. I love to make things and search out cool things that other people make. I know what I like even if it sometimes seems to have no rhyme nor reason. I have recently started a business called:

Funky & Feisty Home Decor and More.

My goal is to make some money and to put smiles on people’s faces. There is definitely a learning curve. With every thing I make, every show I do, every show I attend, book or magazine I read, artist I meet, You get the picture, I learn something new.

Recently I opened an etsy shop and applied for membership in a local etsy group. I didn’t get in. It really stung at first; especially when the two women I talked into signing up got in.  Here are their etsy shops: www.fluffygirlboutique.etsy.com and darcylucilly.etsy.com .   As you can see both of these ladies are very skilled and talented. They have a certain polish to them that I hope to gain. I am working towards that.

This blog is going to be about my trials and errors in the craft world. I will share with you the ups and downs. I will also share with you book and magazine reviews, favorite artists, shows I am in or attending, favorite websites and e-shops. I also hope that you will share with me your hints, tips, joys and frustrations.

My guess is that you will also see changes in this blog as I go along and learn a bit more about wordpress. My first order of business is to figure out how to customize it a bit more but for now the hubby has taken the kids for a couple of hours and I have some special orders to make.

Here are some pictures of things I do…

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